Shade by Jeri Smith-Ready

Is it a curse or a blessing to be haunted by your dead boyfriend?

Sixteen-year-old Aura’s world looks much like ours–except that everyone born after the Shift, which happened sixteen and a half years ago, can see, hear, and talk to ghosts. Aura has always disliked this ability, to the point that she’s been researching the Shift secretly for some time to discover why it occurred in order to somehow find a way to end it. Then her boyfriend Logan dies on his seventeenth birthday from a lethal combination of cocaine and alcohol, and suddenly what had seemed like a curse has become a blessing. Though she can never touch Logan again, she hasn’t truly lost him and their love since his ghost is still with her.

I could hardly put this book down once I began reading it. The writing is excellent, the characters are strong, and the love story between Aura and Logan is intense. It is complicated in a poignant way, as well, by the fact that a love triangle springs up when Aura develops a strong emotional connection to Zachary, a handsome, charismatic Scot who was born exactly one minute before her. He’s the last person born pre-Shift, and she’s the first one born after.

This book marks a great start for a new urban-fantasy series. The fantasy aspect with the ghosts is intriguing and unique. There is plenty of romantic conflict with two fascinating male love interests. And there is a growing external threat from shadowy government figures stalking Aura, Zachary and even Logan, due to the technology they’ve created to “tag” ghosts.

I can’t wait to read the next installment!



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