Her Leading Man by Alice Duncan

Her Leading Man Cover

Funny pairing of liberated female and stuffy male

Her Leading Man (The Dream Maker) by Alice Duncan

Reading Level: Adult Romance
Release Date: January 11, 2011
Publisher: Kensington
Pages: 352 pages
Source: Purchase
Reviewed By: Kate McMurry

Christina Mayhew is a silent-screen actress in Hollywood of 1913. Though a very successful leading lady, for her, acting is simply a way to earn the large amount of money she needs to pay for medical school. Martin Tafft is the producer of her latest film and very much her match in intellect, ambition and personal strength.

Martin is extremely disappointed to learn that Christina is leaving the industry after this film wraps. He had very much hoped to work on future projects with the beautiful, young actress. She is one of the most talented–and most exciting–women he has ever known.

Christina is very attracted to Martin, and when she realizes that his admiration for her is more than simply professional, she determines to proceed as a liberated, independent woman and propose to him that he be her very first affair.

Gentlemanly Martin is shocked to his polished shoe tips at Christina’s scandalous offer. He is adamantly opposed to sex outside marriage, tells Christina so, and remains stiffly withdrawn from her until an accident injuring the leading man forces Martin to take over his role. Soon Martin and Christina are sharing kisses on the set so heated, it becomes impossible for Martin to resist extending those kisses into his and Christina’s private lives.

The setting of HER LEADING MAN is fascinating, and so authentically drawn, reading it delightfully transported me to the world of early Hollywood. The liberated heroine and the stiff, moralistic hero are a great pair of comic opposites, and the heroine’s outrageous grandmother provides a lot of laughs, too. The love scenes between Martin and Christina are very emotional and very hot–I really love stories where a repressed hero finally lets go to the cauldron of passion inside him, because the heroine is utterly irresistible to him.

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