Game Plan by Kayla Tirrell

Game Plan Cover

Fun, quirky, G-rated, YA, fake-boyfriend plot

Game Plan (Varsity Girlfriends #4) by Kayla Tirrell

Reading Level: Young Adult
Release Date: May 14, 2019
Pages: 262 pages
Source: Purchase
Reviewed By: Kate McMurry

High-school senior, Daria, has had a secret crush on Preston, her best friend Charlie’s brother, since fifth grade. But Daria has never confided in Charlie about her embarrassing, unrequited infatuation, so Charlie has no idea what a difficult position she’s putting Daria in when she comes up with the bright idea to have Daria fake-date Preston. His beautiful, cheating ex has dumped him for another guy, and Charlie is convinced that her poor, abandoned brother can win back his girlfriend by making her jealous. Daria has plenty of doubts about this crazy plan, the biggest one being that Preston is well rid of his awful ex, but Charlie won’t take, no, for an answer. And, truthfully, Charlie doesn’t have to push Daria terribly hard, because the temptation is overwhelming for Daria to grab this golden opportunity to finally get up-close-and-personal with Preston. Maybe, just maybe, while they are pretending to be in love–and sharing strategically staged hugs and kisses–Preston might fall for her, for real.

This is the fourth and final book in the G-rated, young-adult, romantic-comedy, Varsity Girlfriends series. Daria and Preston continue the author’s excellent track record of offering sympathetic romantic protagonists embroiled in quirky, romantic situations. There are cameo appearances in the book of the female protagonists and their boyfriends from the previous three books in the series. They appear in an unforced, natural way due to the fact that these three other girls are on their school’s basketball team with Daria.

However, even though Daria plays varsity basketball, there is a bit less focus on female sports in this book than the other three, since Daria is more of a scholar than an outstanding basketball player. Interestingly, though, Daria’s lack of sports clout leads to some some cute scenes where Preston, who actually is a basketball star, coaches Daria after she informs him that she wants to improve her basketball skills.

Overall, this is a fun read for fans of “sports romance,” “friends-to-romance” and “fake dating” plots.

I rate this book as follows:

Heroine: 4

Hero: 4

Subcharacters: 4

Romance Plot: 4

Writing: 4

Overall: 4

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