Flip by Martyn Bedford

A young-adult, paranormal mystery with a male protagonist

Flip by Martyn Bedford
Reading Level:
Young Adult
Release Date: April 5, 2011
Publisher: Wendy Lamb Books
Pages: 272
Source: Amazon Vine
Reviewed By: Kate McMurry

Premise: A 14-year-old boy wakes up one morning inside the body of another boy.

The storyline of a body swap has been used many times in books and films over the years, but not quite like this, where it involves two boys of similar age, and the switch does not occur before their eyes, so that it is a mystery as to how it happened. But anytime there is a body swap, you have a classic “fish out of water” or “stranger in a strange land” type of story, which is always a fun ride.

The author does an excellent job of exploring Alex’s feelings and his attempts to maneuver the maze of his frightening, new existence without being labeled insane by the people around him. The reader is introduced to Alex’s new family and friends in a compelling way, and roots for Alex as he bravely attempts to find a way back to his own life.

This book will be particularly appealing to younger teen boys and reluctant readers. The cover makes the story seem more scary than it is, but is one that no boy would feel embarrassed to be caught with.

Hero: 4

Subcharacters: 4

Fantasy Elements: 4

Writing: 4

Mystery Plot: 3.5 for adult and older teens; 5 for younger teens

Overall: 4

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