Fang Me by Parker Blue

Try Me CoverTerrific third book in a superb YA urban-fantasy series

Fang Me (Demon Underground, #3) by Parker Blue
Reading Level:
Young Adult
Release Date: March 14, 2011
Publisher: Bell Bridge Books
Pages: 194
Source: NetGalley
Reviewed By: Kate McMurry

Eighteen-year-old Val Shapiro is one-eighth succubus demon. She and her sidekick, Fang, a half-terrier, half-hellhound dog who can talk to her telepathically, are still searching frantically for the enormously powerful Encyclopedia Magicka. They must locate it before either of the warring factions of vampires and part-demon humans within the city of San Antonio get their hands on it. If Val and Fang fail, there will be dire consequences for millions. Val’s vampire enemies, who call her The Slayer, continue to attempt to kill her, and she is unsure who to trust among her fellow part-demons, because anyone who obtains the Encyclopedia Magicka will gain unimaginable powers of destruction.

As Val fights evil vampires and sorts out friends from enemies among the demonic community, she continues to resist her attraction to adorable, hunky Shade, a boy who is part shadow demon and was her romantic interest in Try Me, book two of this series. Val is of age and willing to become Shade’s lover, whom she has come to care for deeply, but there are two consequences of that choice that she fears: Will Lola, her succubus-demon side, harm Shade? And will losing her virginity cause Val to lose her demonic superpowers as well, leaving her wide open to destruction by the vampires seeking to destroy her?

This YA urban-fantasy series continues in its outstanding course of combining great paranormal world-building with strong, sympathetic good-guy characters, and scary, believable bad-guy characters. I love all the action, and I adore the comic relief provided by Fang, but my absolute favorite part of this book is the growing romance between Val and Shade. He is one of my favorite of YA romance heroes in recent years, and it is a privilege to continue to follow this compelling duo along their conflict-riddled road to love.

Parental guidance note: Because of the violence contained in this book and the sexualized nature of Val’s succubus-demon side, many parents may find the content of this book too mature for younger teens.

Heroine: 5

Subcharacters: 5

Fantasy World-Building: 5

Writing: 5

Action-Adventure Plot: 5

Romantic Subplot: 5

Overall: 5

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