Wrangling the Redhead by Sherryl Woods

Wrangling the Redhead Cover

Fun new addition to the Calamity Janes series!

Wrangling the Redhead (The Calamity Janes series) by Sherryl Woods

Reading Level: Adult Romance
Release Date: January 18, 2010
Publisher: Silhouette Special Edition
Pages: 256 pages
Source: Purchase
Reviewed By: Kate McMurry

After two failed marriages, 28-year-old Lauren Winters feels like a failure, in spite of a red-hot acting career in a string of blockbuster romantic comedies and an Academy Award nomination. Needing to get her head back on straight, she escapes to her birthplace of Winding River, Wyoming, to visit friends and family.

Almost the moment Lauren arrives back at her home ranch in Wyoming, she butts heads with arrogant horse wrangler, Wade Owens. Wade didn’t grow up with Lauren, and not being a fan of romantic comedies, he has never heard of her as an actress. He just knows she’s rich, an interloper in his domain, and assumes she’s snooty as sin.

Though she finds herself brangling right and left with Wade, Lauren comes away from their sparring sessions more stimulated than upset. What a refreshing change to interact with someone who isn’t in awe of her! And as things heat up between her and Wade, Lauren is even more delighted knowing that whatever Wade feels for her, it is for her alone, not for her fame and prestige. But even as she rejoices in her good fortune, Lauren knows that sooner or later she’s going to have to confess to Wade who she really is.

This book is an excellent addition to an exciting romance series. There are lots of sparks and sharp repartee between the hero and heroine. The story has plenty of conflict and tension, but (which is something I personally prefer), remains light drama without too much angsting, and with frequent touches of humor. The sexual relationship between Wade and Lauren is highly emotional, which makes it very hot. Also, if you are a fan of stories set on a ranch, you will like the way the ranch in this book is very authentically drawn.

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