Treat Her Right by Lori Foster

Treat Her Right Cover

Sexy, funny, thoroughly wonderful romance!

Treat Her Right (Harlequin Temptation) by Lori Foster

Reading Level: Adult Romance
Release Date: December 27, 2010
Publisher: Harlequin Temptation
Pages: 224 pages
Source: Purchase
Reviewed By: Kate McMurry

Wynn Lane is a six-foot-tall, athletic Amazon, and paramedic Zack Grange has never seen anything like her. In their stocking feet, they look eye-to-eye, and she is almost as strong as he is. In fact, she’s constantly challenging him to prove she isn’t actually =stronger= than him. This is the boy/girl-next-door story with a real twist!

From Zack’s first meeting with Wynn, shouting zingers and arguing with her burly brother as she moves in next door to Zack at the crack of dawn, he is in turn irritated, appalled and screamingly attracted to her. But he refuses to get involved with her, because as a young widower, he has a four-year-old daughter to raise, and she has to come first. He is determined that a “feminine” woman is going to be his new wife and mother to his daughter, and in no way does tomboy Wynn fit the bill.

Wynn has spent most of her life being “one of the boys,” hanging out with her brother’s friends, and she has never, ever responded to a man as she does from the first moment she lays eyes on Zack. Not only is she totally attracted to him sexually, she adores the tender way he takes care of his little girl. Wynn has no defenses against what she feels, and she openly shows Zack her immediate, intense attraction. She is thrilled that he seems strongly drawn to her, too, but the push-pull Zack is giving her is driving her crazy.

I am a big fan of Lori Foster–I’ve read every book she’s written since she first burst onto the romance scene a few years ago. And as good as all her books are, I have to say, she’s outdone herself with this one! I have never seen characters so vivid and alive. They just leap off the page! Especially Wynn Lane. You just don’t run into passionate, whimsical, eccentric heroines like her very often in romance in general, let alone in category romance, and I am delighted that Harlequin is encouraging such innovation! I love the way Wynn always says exactly what she thinks, no matter how “unladylike” it is.

Zack is also a very worthy match for her. Though he starts out preaching very macho, sexist ideas about what the “ideal” wife would be, you can tell immediately that he is =not= a real sexist because he never worries about his manhood when he is taking care of his little girl. And this is another terrific thing: you aren’t just told why Wynn can’t resist Zack’s tenderness, you see and feel it in the loving interactions with his daughter.

Speaking of Zack’s daughter, little Dani is another remarkable character. It is hard to do kids and not have them be sickeningly sweet or predictably naughty, but Foster avoids both these traps with Dani. All the subcharacters, in fact, are super. In particular, Wynn’s eccentric parents are a bizarrely comic pair, and her gym-owner brother and his weight-lifting friends are hilarious.

Finally, in my listing of everything I like, I come last, and anything but least, to the sexuality in Treat Her Right. Whew! Stunningly passionate and intense, it is hot enough to be in one of Foster’s Harlequin Blazes! In short, this book has magnificently achieved the most prized objective of the well-done comic romance–humor that is actually funny paired with deep emotion and searing sex. Who could ask for anything more?


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