Stuck with You by Trish Jensen

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You’ll laugh out loud at the love-bug lovers!

Stuck with You (Time of Your Life) by Trish Jensen

Reading Level: Adult Romance
Release Date: January 3, 2012
Publisher: Bell Bridge Books
Pages: 216 pages
Source: Purchase
Reviewed By: Kate McMurry

Thirty-two-year-old, happily single Paige Hart of Macon, Georgia, is the only lawyer in her huge extended family, including six brothers, two sisters, a retired Army-master-sergeant father, housewife mother, and “way too many aunts, uncles and cousins.” In the eight years since she passed the bar exam, Paige’s colorful relatives have foisted endless legal problems on her–almost none of which have anything to do with her actual training as a tax attorney. The latest example is the extremely messy divorce of her cousin Jasmine, whose wealthy, soon-to-be-ex husband is represented by Ross “the Snake” Bennett.

As far as Paige is concerned, all divorce attorneys are snakes. And it doesn’t sway her opinion a bit that Ross is an extremely smart and handsome snake. But when the sexy, opposing counselor flashes a come-hither grin and matches Paige zinger for well-placed zinger, she succumbs to grudging admiration–and an unsettling rush of exhilaration.

Ross has tried hard to ignore the gorgeous looks of honey-blond, cat-eyed Paige since their first meeting, when she strode into his office like an avenging angel and blasted him with her lightning tongue. He can’t afford to be distracted in this case. Paige is one sharp cookie, and some of the strongest legal competition he’s ever faced.

Page and Ross gleefully haggle and brangle, until the morning mobster Boom Boom Carbone sets off an explosion at the courthouse. Though Paige is flung on top of Ross, knocking them both down, their injuries are so minor, they might have gone home with a Band-Aid and an aspirin, if not for the accident–the ambulance transporting them to the ER bangs into a car, and vials slated for the Center for Disease Control splatter their contents in the patient compartment.

Paige is horrified when she’s forced into two-week quarantine in the same room with The Snake. Even worse than that is the reason for it: they’ve been exposed to the highly contagious Tibetan Concupiscence Virus (AKA Horny Monk’s Disease). Its chief feature is heightened sexual arousal, and she’s already feeling an upsurge of symptoms!

Ross has never in his life wanted a woman as much as he wants Paige, and he’s positive it’s not because he’s sick. He’s never felt better in his life! But if Paige wants to believe they’re infected with a love bug, who is he to argue? He can’t think of a better plan on earth than ministering to each other in their hour of need.

When he kisses her senseless and entices her with promises of slow, sweet lovemaking, Paige is sorely afraid that the fever burning in her can never be put out by anyone but Ross. It is only a matter of time before she finds him impossible to resist, and all hell breaks loose as they seek heaven in each other’s arms.

This is one of the best comic romances of the year! Jensen’s wild tale takes off running from the first page, and never lets up. The dialogue is snappy, the subcharacters wacky, and the sexual chemistry between the hero and heroine as combustible as the mob-boss bomb that hurls them together.

Don’t miss the fun!

I rate this book as follows:

Heroine: 5

Hero: 5

Subcharacters: 5

Romance Plot: 5

Writing: 5

Overall: 5

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