Kate McMurry and Marie August's Blog

This is the official author blog for Kate McMurry and Marie August.

Misdirected Magic Trilogy

The website for the Misdirected Magic Trilogy, a series of young-adult, humorous, contemporary fantasies written by Kate McMurry and Marie August, and illustrated by Marie August. Marie August has created a comic version of the first chapter of Girl vs Ghost as a special promotion for the launching of Book 1 of the Misdirected Magic trilogy.

Kate McMurry on Amazon

Kate McMurry's profile page on Amazon. Kate is a Top 500 and Vine reviewer with hundreds of book and product reviews.

Kate McMurry on Goodreads

Kate McMurry's Goodreads Author Page. Kate cross-posts all of her Amazon young-adult book reviews on Goodreads.

Marie August

Marie August's personal website. Marie is Kate's co-author of the Misdirected Magic trilogy, illustrator of the books, and creator of a webcomic version of the first chapter of Girl vs Ghost, Book 1 of the trilogy. Her website contains information about Marie as a writer and a complete portfolio of her art work.

Fairy Tale Twisted: The Fox & The Firebird

In addition to the webcomic version of the Girl vs Ghost first chapter, Marie August writes and illustrates a fairy-tale-based webcomic called The Fox & the Firebird. She posts a new page every Thursday.

Johnny Cartoons

John Clisset's caricature website. It contains information about John as an artist and a portfolio of his caricature art. John is a talented digital artist who contributed his expertise to the webcomic on the Misdirected Magic Trilogy website as well as to the cover for Girl vs Ghost. John designed the backgrounds, assisted with the storyboards, and heavily assisted with the coloring of the comic.

Blazing Star Press

The website for the publisher of the Misdirected Magic trilogy.