Kate McMurry on Amazon

Kate McMurry’s profile page on Amazon. Kate is a Top 100 and Vine reviewer with over 2000 book and product reviews.

Kate McMurry on Goodreads

Kate McMurry’s Goodreads Author Page. Kate cross-posts all of her Amazon book reviews on Goodreads.

Kate McMurry on BookBub

Kate McMurry’s BookBub Page.

Marie August

Marie August’s personal website. Marie is Kate’s co-author of Girl vs. Ghost, illustrator of the book, and creator of a webcomic version of the first chapter. Her website contains information about Marie as a writer and a complete portfolio of her art work.

Fairy Tale Twisted: The Fox & The Firebird

In addition to the webcomic version of the Girl vs Ghost first chapter, Marie August writes and illustrates a fairy-tale-based webcomic called The Fox & the Firebird.

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