Kate’s Contact Information

To contact Kate about her books or reviews, please write to: kate.mcmurry.writer at gmail dot com.

If you would like to contact Kate to request a review, please read the Review Policy below before contacting her.

Note: Please convert these email addresses to regular email format. They are written this way to discourage spammers.

Review Policy

I only accept review requests for Young Adult (YA) novels of at least 50,000 words in length. I do not review YA short stories or novellas, and I do not review or critique unpublished manuscripts.

These are the subgenres of YA I read most:

Romantic comedy
Romantic light drama

These are the subgenres of YA I rarely read:

Family or Social Dramas (aka “Problem Novels”)
High Fantasy
Science Fiction

I never read horror.

Formats I accept:

I only review Kindle eBook versions of books. Please do not send me a copy of your book if I have not already given you an indication that I would like to review it.

Important Note: I do not post negative YA reviews. This does not mean that I guarantee a positive review. It simply means that if I read a book and do not like it, I will not review it.

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