For a Good Time, Call… by Trish Jensen

For a Good Time, Call... Cover

Wonderfully sexy and funny, contemporary romance

For A Good Time, Call… by Trish Jensen

Reading Level: Adult Romance
Release Date: October 31, 2012
Pages: 150 pages
Publisher: Bell Bridge Books
Source: Gift
Reviewed By: Kate McMurry

Sherry Spencer is a fresh-faced, 30-year-old, advertising whiz kid who’s won so many awards, her boss grants her free rein to accept or decline any client she wants. Her business success has not hardened her into uncaring callousness, however, and when Sherry encounters a twenty-dollar bill that has scrawled on it, “For a good time call Kit,” with a local phone number included, she doesn’t hesitate to call and warn the hapless “Kit” that she has a potentially serious problem.

When “Kit” answers her call, Sherry is startled to discover that “Kit” is a man–a very intense and forceful man. Kit insists that Sherry shred the bill, but she refuses to waste that much money, leaving him no option but to meet her in person and exchange the defaced bill for one of his own.

Christian “Kit” Fleming is the CEO of Bella Luna Industries, Inc., a huge account that Sherry’s boss very much wants for his firm, something that Kit figures out soon after he meets Sherry and learns her name. He is intensely attracted to her beauty, intelligence and her strength–though he also finds her stubbornness highly irritating, as irritating as she obviously finds his own strong-mindedness. Kit withholds the quite pertinent information of his full identity in order to spring it on her when they are formally introduced the next morning in the boardroom of her company.

Kit very much enjoys catching the formidable Sherry off guard, but he soon discovers that she has more than earned her superlative reputation, and he becomes as determined to have Sherry in charge of his account as he is to lure her into his bed. Unfortunately for both his zealous goals, the complete control that Kit requires above everything else, in all situations, is something Sherry will never grant him.

This romantic comedy has a terrific “cute meet,” and the clash of steely wills between Kit and Sherry provides the reader with a joyous romp. I personally love reading a contemporary romance like this which offers head-butting between lovers who are true equals, along with plenty of amusing repartee that fans the sensual flames.

I read this book as a Kindle ebook. It is well edited and formatted, making it easy to read.

I rate this book as follows:


Heroine: 5

Hero: 5

Romantic Comedy Plot: 5

Writing: 5

Overall: 5


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