Educating Caroline by Patricia Cabot

Educating Caroline Cover

A lady and her love tutor in 1870 England

Educating Caroline by Patricia Cabot

Reading Level: Adult Romance
Release Date: October 30, 2001
Publisher: Pocket
Pages: 448 pages
Source: Purchase
Reviewed By: Kate McMurry

Lady Caroline Linford and Branden Granville share two big things in common: both of them are engaged, and both their betrotheds are betraying them–with each other. This forms the basis for a humorous partnership to help each other escape from their disastrous alliances. And while that is going on, Caroline asks Branden to throw in some love lessons so this sort of thing will never happen to her again.

A simple plot, or so they both thought, but neither bargains on falling in love with each other as they kiss, quarrel and scheme!

Caroline and Branden are a lot of fun. They are strong and energetic people, and the premise of love lessons is a very sexy one. The author’s dry, witty voice and plenty of clever dialogue add greatly to the humor and readability of the book, making it a very lively, enjoyable read!

I rate this book as follows:

Heroine: 5

Hero: 5

Subcharacters: 5

Romance Plot: 5

Writing: 5

Overall: 5

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