Bachelor On The Prowl by Kasey Michaels

Bachelor On The Prowl Cover

Sprightly, sexy comedy!

Bachelor On The Prowl by Kasey Michaels

Reading Level: Adult Romance
Release Date: October 15, 2012
Publisher: Silhouette Special Releases
Pages: 192 pages
Source: Purchase
Reviewed By: Kate McMurry

If you are a fan of Kasey Michaels, you will be particularly delighted with this humorous sequel to Silhouette Romance #808 Lion on the Prowl. Max Rafferty, the hero of the previous book, is the cousin of Colin Rafferty, the very British hero of this book. Julia Sutherland, the heroine of Lion on the Prowl, is the best friend and business partner of Holly Hollis, the heroine of this book.

Holly finds herself totally in charge for the very first time of a huge New York fashion show, because her partner, Julia Sutherland Rafferty, a major fashion designer, insists on staying home with her sick five-month-old son. All is controlled chaos, and Holly is proud of her management, until one of the male models doesn’t show up. Holly is desperate. This is a show for bridal gowns with top models, and there is no way one of the “brides” can walk out unescorted by a “groom.” When the gorgeous male model finally shows at the last second, Holly ignores her strong attraction for him and orders him to drop his pants instantly and get into his tuxedo.

Colin Rafferty has just flown in from Europe and has stopped by to see the fashion show of his new cousin-in-law, Julia, when he’s accosted by a stunning little dynamo asking him to strip. It doesn’t occur to Colin to say “no” to a woman who fascinates him and is obviously in distress, and he complies, in the process saving the day for the fashion show of his new relative, Julia.

This cute meet sets the stage for a wild romantic ride between two attractive, sympathetic protagonists. There are many funny scenes, and many poignant ones, as well. All of the characters, including the secondary ones, are vivid; the pace is quick, and the emotional depth is great. I found the motivation for Colin’s temporary masquerade as a male model well done–quite an accomplishment, since anytime deception is used as a plot device, it can be very tricky to pull off. I also thought Michaels did a very good job with the additional, delicate feat of using the characters, Julia and Max, from the previous book in the series. They very much helped the story, and never upstaged the current hero and heroine. As part of the Silhouette Romance line, this book is, of course, G-rated, with no sexual consummation and only a few heated kisses. But the sexual chemistry is such that it still remains a very exciting romance with lots of sexual tension.

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